List of Biology / Field Collaborators

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  • Agrisearch CC, Nelspruit, South Africa

  • BioScience Research CC, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa


  • BIOTEK Agriculture - China, Beijing, China

  • Central Laboratory Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand


  • AGRIPHAR SA, Ougree, Belgium

  • Biotek Agriculture Espana S.L., Murcia, Spain

  • Biotek Agricultura France, Saint-Pouange, France

  • Eurofins - France, Uchizy, France

  • Eurofins - United Kingdo,  Derby, United Kingdom

  • PROMO-VERT, Serres-Castet, France

North America

  • A.C.D.S. Research, Inc., North Rose, NY

  • ABG AG Services, Toraonto, SD

  • AgGro Innovations, LLC, Cypress, TX

  • AgPro Partners Midwest, LLC, Dana, IA

  • Ag-Quest (Alta) Inc., Taber, AB 

  • Ag-Quest (Elm Creek) Inc., Elm Creek, MB 

  • AgraServ, Inc., American Falls, ID

  • Agri-Business Consulting, Okemos, MI

  • Agricultural Research of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

  • Agricultural Systems Associates, Kinston, NC

  • Agriscope, LLC, Athens, GA

  • Agri-Search, Inc., Plainview, TX

  • Agro-Tech, Inc, Velva, ND

  • Agvise Research, Inc., Northwood, ND

  • ARK Research, LLC, Lime Springs, IA

  • Atlantic AgriTech Inc., New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island

  • Bennett Ag Research, Richland, IA

  • California Ag. Research, Kerman, CA

  • Carolina Ag-Research Services, Inc., Blackville, SC

  • CMS, Inc., Germansville, PA

  • Coastal Research Services , Paso Robles, CA

  • Collins Agricultural Consultants, Oregon City, OR

  • Columbia Ag Research, Inc., Hood River, OR

  • Crop Guard Research, Inc., Hinton, OK

  • Crop Management Strategies, Hereford, PA

  • CropWise Research LLC, St. Cloud, MN

  • Crow River Research, Inc, Paynesville, MN

  • Diamond Ag Research, Inc., Larned, KS

  • Dragon Run AG Services, Inc., Suffolk, VA

  • Easton Agri-Consulting, Bagley, IA

  • Ecologistics Research Services, Thorndale, ON Canada

  • EXCEL Research Services, Fresno, CA

  • Florida Ag Research, Thonotosassa, FL

  • Florida Pesticide Research, Oviedo, FL

  • G&H Associates, Stuttgart, AR

  • G2 Ag Research, Idaho Falls, ID

  • Glades Crop Care, Inc, Jupiter, FL

  • Gordon Ag Group, Inc., Morristown, IN

  • Great Lakes Ag Res. Service, Inc., Delavan, WI

  • Great Plains Crop Services, Groom, TX

  • Heartland Ag. Research, LLC, Lenexa, KS

  • Hulst Research Farm Services, Inc., Hughson, CA

  • ICMS, Inc., Saskatoon, SK Canada

  • Illinois Ag Research, Carlyle, IL

  • IMPACT AG Services, Inc., Pantego, NC

  • ISK Biosciences Corp -OH, Concord, OH

  • LABServices , Hamburg, PA

  • Marathon Agricultural and Environmental Consulting, Arlington, VA

  • Marbicon, Inc., Berwick, NS Canada

  • Mid-South Ag Research, Inc., Proctor, AR

  • Midwest Research, Inc., York, NE

  • Miller Research , Rupert, ID

  • MOARK Ag Research, LLC, Fisk, MO

  • NE Ag Research , York, NE

  • New-Marc Research , St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC Canada

  • Northern Plains Ag Research, Garnder, ND

  • Pest Management, Cheneyville, LA

  • Plant Research Services, Bethel, MO

  • Prairie Agricultural Research, Britton, SD

  • Qualls Agricultural Laboratory, Ephrata, WA

  • R & D Farm, Washington, LA

  • Reality Research, Lyons, NY

  • Research 2000, Chico, CA

  • Research For Hire , Porterville, CA

  • Ripple Ag. Research , San Angelo, TX

  • Ron Britt & Associates, Yakima, WA

  • SGS North America, Aurora, SD

  • S-L Agri-Development, Senatobia, MS

  • Smith Biological Services, Payette, ID

  • South Dakota Ag Research, Centerville, SD

  • Southeast Ag. Research, Inc., Chula, GA

  • STAR – High Plains, Levelland, TX

  • STAR – RGV, Inc., Raymondville, TX

  • STAR - Uvalde, Uvalde, TX

  • Stewart Agricultural Research Services, Inc, Clarence, MO

  • Stoneville R&D, Inc., Greenville, MS

  • Tidewater Agronomics, Inc., Belvidere, NC

  • Turner Ag. Research, Woodland, CA

  • University of Idaho Food Technology Center, Caldwell, ID

  • Varco Inc, Jerome, ID

  • Vaughn Ag., Branchton, ON Canada

  • Warnke Agricultural Research, Geneva, MN

South & Central America

  • AGROS Consultoria Agricola, Guatemala, Guatemala

  • APEX , Martinique, French West Indies

  • Biotek Agriculture Centroamerica, San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Catholic University of Santiago - Chile, Santiago, Chile

  • E E A Mendoza INTA, Las Brenas, Argentina

  • Eurofins - Argentina, Mendoza, Argentina

  • Eurofins - Brazil, Indaiatuba, Brazil

  • SGS Brazil - Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Vigna Brazil, Sa0 Paulo, Brazil

  • Proanalisis S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Texcoco de Mora, Mexico

  • Universidad de Costa Rica, Laboratorio Fitopatolog, San Jose, Costa Rica


  • Agrisearch Pty Ltd (Narrabri),  Narrabri, Australia

  • Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd (Bundaburg South), Bundaburg South, Australia

  • Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd (Orange), Orange, Australia

  • Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd (Shepparton), Shepparton, Australia

  • Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd (West Gosford), West Gosford, Australia

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