List of Services

Study Direction

  • Serve as Study Director and Testing Facility

  • Communicate with all sub-contractors

  • Prepare study protocol, amendments, and deviations

  • Provide field trial management (contract, manage data, and pay)

  • Provide an electronic notebook for each CRO (lab, field, etc.)

  • Ensure timely initiation and completion of the study

  • Manage material shipment, storage, and disposal

  • Provide technical guidance to principal investigators

  • Manage processing facilities (protocol, technical, timing, contracts, final processing report, and payment)

  • Identify and establish contracts for analysis /analytical services

  • Monitor method development, validation, verification, or transfer

  • Ensure the analytical schedule adheres to agreed study timelines

  • Review analytical results and reanalysis as needed

  • Review (quality control) of final data

  • Review and edit analytical reports

  • Write a final study report suitable for submission

  • Review (quality control) of reports prior to signing

  • Archive (temporary and / or long-term)

  • Manage shipment / transfer of raw data

  • Manage handling of test materials

  • Ensure timeliness throughout the study including:

    • Applications

    • Sampling events

    • Processed fractions/processing

    • Method validation and sample analysis

    • Accurate completion of the electronic notebooks

    • Submission of final raw data

    • Completion of final report

Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure QA Review of the study protocol prior to signing

  • Communicate the minimum QA requirements to all subcontractors

  • Ensure audits are completed by each subcontractor

  • Ensure each audit is reported to the SD and TFM and archived

  • Ensure full final report audit is completed

  • Ensure an accurate, GLP compliant QA Statement is completed


Compliance & Stewardship:

  • Ensure training in USDA / EPA compliance

  • Ensure training in Excellence Through Stewardship

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