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"Lack of education around biologicals still problem #1 for the industry"

A recent article in AgFunderNews (AgFunder), featuring reporting from last month’s Salinas Biological Summit, has been making the rounds in the Global Ag offices. The report quotes Pam Marrone from her opening address at this conference. Dr. Marrone reflects on her industry experience, and observes many challenges in the development of new biological ag products:

“… what is underestimated is how hard it is to go through the commercial development process, scale up, get the efficacy, get the shelf life, get the field life, [determine] what kind of formulation out there doesn’t work as well as chemicals… etc.”

The challenges she describes are exactly the areas where Global Ag can help in new product development. As our founder, Fate Thompson, says “If a grower can’t see the difference in the field, they aren’t going to pay for it.” This on-the-ground agronomic perspective is missing in some new product approaches. With Global Ag assisting in the product development, these important real-world factors are integrated into the plan.

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