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Meet the newest addition to our Board of Advisors, Allan Wenck, PhD, JD

He is a seasoned professional in the Agricultural Biotechnology sector with over 25 years of experience, and his career spans the development of delivery platforms for novel traits, from inception to event delivery. He has successfully brought these traits to market for industry leaders like BASF, Bayer, and Syngenta.

Allan also has a keen interest in intellectual property protection strategies and patent analysis. His academic background is extensive and diverse. He holds a BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from Warren Wilson College with a concentration on environmental chemistry. He earned his MS in Life Sciences from The University of Tennessee, concentrating on plant physiology and genetics.

Furthering his education, Allan obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences from The University of South Carolina concentrating on molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Forest Biotechnology at NC State.

Allan also holds a JD from North Carolina Central University, with a focus on intellectual property. This blend of practical, academic, and legal expertise makes Allan a unique asset in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.

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