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Time-To-Market Reduced

Decisions are made more quickly, eliminating delays that mean the loss of entire years of revenue.

Cost Lowered

Global Ag can deliver the best laboratories, specialists, consultants, cooperators - ONLY WHEN NEEDED.

Science Lab
Market Analysis

Market Strategy Optimized

Fine tune product development to optimize global strategies for key markets.

Status / Results Visible Immediately

Global Ag uses iAdvantage Software to make current project status and results (data) of all studies and overall status of your product's development immediately visible online to all decision makers.

Discussing the Numbers

Put Global Ag professionals to work creating maximum value for you.

The Best in the Industry

Experienced Product Development Professionals

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Dr. Fate Thompson

Product Development


Les Thompson

Business Development

Mike David Headshot.png

Dr. Michael David*

Product Development


Laura Seastrum



Dr. Kevin Kelley

Weed Science

Hannah Headshot_edited_edited.png

Hannah Lynch

Project Management

Copy of John-Salmon_edited_edited.png

Dr. John Salmeron*

Breeding & Traits


Dr. Marco Toapanta*

Development & Marketing


Dr. Andrew Reed*


Roy Chen Picture_edited.png

Dr. Roy Chen*


Allan Wenck Headshot - Transparent_edited_edited.png

Dr. Allan Wenck

IP and Patent Law

Terry Stone_edited.png

Terry Stone*

Biological Registration and Regulatory Policy

Steve Puntenney_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Dr. Steve Puntenney*

Animal Science


Dr. Rob Everich*

Product Development


Dr. Rich Patterson*

Quality Assurance


Dr. Elliot Gordon*



Dr. Timothy Hunt*



Carla Wells

IT Specialist

*In addition to their vital role of advisors / consultants on the Global Ag product development team, these experienced professionals have their own consulting businesses. If your current need is restricted to their specific expertise, Global Ag encourages you to contact them directly (Click photos for more info).

Inside Greenhouse

Track Record

400+ Years of Collective Experience

50+ Products Developed

40+ Countries

40+ Consecutive Years

1000+ Studies

10,000+ Field Trials

Case Studies

Multi-country, International Efficacy for Biologicals Resulting in Successful Registrations

The client needed data generated within the countries where it would be submitted and additional data for other uses.  The challenge is orchestrating successful trials and data collection in areas where infrastructure is less than optimal, the number of trained field researchers is limited, and sample movement into and out of the country is challenging.


INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL HIRING - Funding or Feelings?

The challenge is orchestrating successful trials and data collection with limited agronomic expertise, limited current staff of scientists, a tight timeline, and a lack of direct relation to contract research organizations.  The client needed data generated within the USA without lost time.  There are many “moving parts” involved in successful regulatory and/or efficacy experiments.  Identifying, hiring, and on-boarding new people takes time and field seasons do not wait.  Hiring internally also means a commitment to overhead costs during “down time”.

Data for EPA in Crops Not Commercially Produced in the Continental USA?

The client needed data for residue tolerances of a pesticide on papaya and pineapple.  The data needed to be generated in the USA.  The client wanted to conduct these trials in the USA to avoid import, export, and time delays related to working in other countries and to shorten the timeline to completion. Because the production of pineapples and papaya for the fresh fruit and processing markets have been moved offshore for cheaper labor and out of Hawaii due to limited land resources, there were few production areas available in the USA. To add to the difficulty, the EPA requires temporal or spatial separation between trial locations.  Since the opportunities for production were in very limited areas, the separation also became a challenge. Global Ag's team of scientists worked diligently to design the experiments to overcome all of these challenges.

Banana bunches

Global Ag's Approach

Your Product Developed in Record Time

Synergistic Collaborations

In Global Ag, Synergistic Collaboration is Threefold;

  1. Within and from the best experienced product development professionals for strategic design and planning

  2. Within and from project management and study direction staff with 40 years of experience

  3. With excellent third party providers (CROs) with whom we have 40 years of experience

Unique Understanding of Data & Science

Global Ag brings a unique understanding of the value of science and of timely, accurate data collection and reporting in the development of your technology. 

Flexible Resources & Reduced Overhead

By design, Global Ag does not own labs, processors, nor field sites. This independence frees us to place each part of your product development with the most appropriate experts, resulting in reduced overhead.

Harvesting Wheat


Product Research & Development

Data Governance, Dictionary, and Management Services

Specialty Contract Management (Crop & Animal)

Experimental Design

Lab, Greenhouse, Field, Processing, Composition, Analytical, Feeding, & Toxicology Management

Regulatory Management (Any Country, Any Agency)

Efficacy Experiment  Management (Crops & Livestock)

Seed & Trait Specialty Services

Collaboration Oversight (Taskforce)

Import Tolerance Studies

Post Harvest Product Efficacy

Environmental Assessments, Ecotoxicology, Endangered Species

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