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Developing technology in agriculture is expensive and takes years.

But, it doesn’t have to be as expensive, nor take as long as you might have been told or have experienced in the past.

  • Want to reduce the cost & time to market for your technology?

  • Want to increase the value of your

       chemical, biological, or seed?​

  • Global Ag can help you do this!​

Put Global Ag professionals to work 

creating maximum value for you.

A short message from the President.

Our Mission

The Creation of Value

Through Vision and Commitment

What Global Ag Can Do For You

Your Product Developed in Record Time


  • Lower fixed cost​

    • Capital budget

    • Personnel

  • Optimal variable cost

    • Operating budget​


  • Seasoned scientist​s

  • Experienced professional managers

  • Experts in the industry 

​​Based on:​

  • Solid science ​

  • Successful regulatory / registration strategy

  • Accurate business analysis

You Can Expect:

Time-To-Market Reduced 

Decisions are made more quickly, eliminating delays that mean the loss of entire years of revenue.

Cost Lowered  

Global Ag can deliver the best laboratories, specialists, consultants, cooperators - ONLY WHEN NEEDED.

Market Strategy Optimized  

Fine tune product development to optimize global strategies for key markets

Status / Results Visible Immediately 

Global Ag uses iAdvantage Software to make current project status and results (data) of all studies and

overall status of your product's development immediately visible online to all decision makers.

Plan for Profitability as...

Global Ag manages the following for your company:

Phase 1      Establish performance and GAP (develop basic set of tox and env. studies if necessary)

Phase 1.5   Develop commercialization strategy

Phase 2      Negotiate with global regulatory authorities

Phase 3      Develop regulatory database objectives, identify CROs

Phase 4      Develop dossier

Phase 5      Achieve registration in key countries, establish MRLs, key crops labeled

Phase 6      Continue label expansion

Six phases often used by the agriculture chemical industry for the development processes.

Put Global Ag professionals to work creating maximum value for you.

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